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The wooden bracket under the ball is only used for camera equipment. If you need to buy the wooden bracket, please contact us.

Material:Natural crystal

-100% new quality
-100% natural crystal quartz stone healing
Hand polishing, smooth surface
– promote natural health, focus and spiritual growth
It’s a good gift for friends and family

Weight and size

Weight;60-65g size:32-35mm
Weight:35-40g size:29-30mm

Purchase considerations

Natural pure handmade boutique production, each piece has its own unique beauty, is a good gift worthy of friends and relatives.
Natural crystal not exactly the same, each one is unique.
Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before ordering.
Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration as the different placement of pictures


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  1. l***a

    Very beautiful. Neither too big nor too small. Rich colors.

    Color: rose quartz Size: 35-40mm


  2. G***r

    Good product

    Color: white quartz Size: 40-50mm


  3. J***b

    Amazing quality, spotless, heavy.

    I don’t have tools to verify whether it’s a real obsidian or just a coloured glass, but looks great. Even the wooden base looks very good.

    Color: obsidian Size: 25-30mm


  4. s***r

    had a small scratch but other than that it was real

    Color: tigers eye Size: 30-35mm


  5. a***r

    It’s a very good product and it’s a very good store.

    Color: amethyst Size: 60-70mm


  6. C***a

    Arrived in perfect condition and fast! Thank the person loved this.

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  7. J***.

    Good ball

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  8. p***r

    I find her a little dark, but she has a nice drawing.

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  9. Shopper

    it came before expected very nice quality I love it thanks

    Color: amethyst Size: 35-40mm


  10. z***r

    I’m glad to be able to buy quality raw stones at such a low price.

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  11. O***s

    Not came the stone amethyst ball, came the obsidian.

    Color: obsidian Size: 40-50mm


  12. A***r

    Excellent arrive very well packed

    Color: obsidian Size: 50-60mm


  13. X***X

    bigger then what I was expecting, Its so cute and adorable i love it!

    Color: rose quartz Size: 70-80mm


  14. p***r

    Arrived quickly. Completely in accordance with the seller’s description and photos. Beautiful color and beautiful appearance. This rock contains many amphibols (black) and zoisite (green), but not at all including rubies (pink/red). The only problem the packaging, not enough protected everything, suddenly, the 2 that I ordered have bumped and damaged and this one more than citrine (more resistant to shocks)😥. A shock on everyone but not completely broken, fortunately! It’s a shame to have nice products and not make sure they arrive intact! Happy anyway.

    Color: morganite Size: 60-70mm


  15. A***a

    Very nice stone cut into ball, the stone has very nice reflections. There wooden stand is sold with. I am very happy with this purchase especially for the price, I recommend without hesitation!!!!

    Color: tigers eye Size: 30-35mm


  16. a***r

    It was very small but well polished. The stand is less than desirable but the stone is pretty

    Color: amethyst Size: 25-30mm


  17. J***h

    Very beautiful. Size received was 52mm. A great looking display piece.

    Color: amethyst Size: 50-60mm


  18. 6***r

    The parcel came in less than a month. There are no questions about the goods. corresponds to the description. There’s a couple of little choices. apparently dropped a couple of times. But it’s not critical. In general, the goods are quality. Although I confess I have nothing to compare with, I do not understand the stones, but he looks beautiful.

    Color: amethyst Size: 60-70mm


  19. K***n

    awesome amethyst ball it even came with a little holder!

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  20. m***r

    He came faster than I thought. It’s natural and very cute: D

    Color: amethyst Size: 25-30mm


  21. K***r

    The delivery is faster and bigger than you think

    Color: amethyst Size: 70-80mm


  22. L***n

    Darker amethyst, almost black in darker lighting, but very pretty. Within stated measurements. (1.758 inches or 44.65mm for 40-50mm size)

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  23. L***n

    A little on the smaller side but within stated measurements. (1.628 inches or 41.3512 mm for 40-50mm size)

    Color: tigers eye Size: 40-50mm


  24. L***n

    Beautiful pale citrine, within stated measurements. (1.729 inches or 43.917mm for 40-50mm size)

    Color: citrine Size: 40-50mm


  25. L***n

    I ordered 6 stones and this one was the largest. Very pretty rose quartz. (1.851 inches or 47.01mm for 40-50mm size)

    Color: rose quartz Size: 40-50mm


  26. y***r

    It’s big and pretty.

    Color: tigers eye Size: 25-30mm


  27. M***z

    Received ok seller recommended.

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  28. a***r

    it is small but cute 😍

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  29. L***y

    the problem is it’s it’s really cute it’s like about an inch and a half across but it’s cracked across the top I don’t know how it got cracked maybe in the mail but it’s 2/3 of the way up it’s clearly cracked and it’s like the stone itself got hit on the side or something like that but it’s cracked straight across anyway I’ll try to get a picture of it I don’t know if it’ll take but I’ll do it with my flash I would like another one but that’s up to you you’re the store I’m kind of disappointed but I’m not going to give you bad marks

    Color: white quartz Size: 25-30mm


  30. A***e


    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  31. Shopper

    Very cute amethyst, and meets the description

    Color: amethyst Size: 60-70mm


  32. C***r

    love this item
    came with stands

    Color: amethyst Size: 50-60mm


  33. P***s

    Very beautiful stone, heavy, and very contrasting, on its small base. Delighted.

    Color: tigers eye Size: 40-50mm


  34. E***r

    Very nice stone orb.
    I will order again.

    Color: white quartz Size: 40-50mm


  35. c***s

    He looks real. Is a beautiful stone with small free wooden socket.

    Color: amethyst Size: 25-30mm


  36. d***d

    Loved the sphere thank you a lot

    Color: obsidian Size: 60-70mm


  37. S***o

    Beautiful but not as purple as those announced

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  38. Shopper

    Intricately inspected, thoroughly satisfied, highly recommended 👍🏻😁

    Color: amethyst Size: 25-30mm


  39. B***y

    This Dream Amethyst sphere looks just as shown in the description. It has the chevron stripes of a dream Amethyst. I must admit that the photo’s i took don’t do it justice.

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  40. B***y

    This Lazurite sphere looks just as shown in the description.

    Color: lazurite Size: 30-35mm


  41. B***y

    This Clear Crystal sphere looks just as shown in the description. It’s a clear sphere and not cloudy.

    Color: white quartz Size: 30-35mm


  42. B***y

    This Strawberry Crystal sphere looks just as shown in the description.

    Color: Strawberry crystal Size: 30-35mm


  43. B***y

    This Rose Quartz sphere looks just as shown in the description. It’s got a lovely soft pink colour, just as a pink Rose.

    Color: rose quartz Size: 30-35mm


  44. p***r

    It is smaller than I thought ~ ~

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  45. S***r

    Beautiful. Thanks for fast shipping

    Color: white quartz Size: 30-35mm


  46. O***o

    Loved. Is as the picture. Was well packaged.

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  47. H***a

    Original, real crystals

    Color: amethyst Size: 25-30mm


  48. Shopper

    Everything matches, very beautiful, multi-faceted. Received Size 70mm

    Color: amethyst Size: 70-80mm


  49. M***i

    Bought as a gift. Amethyststone is quite heavy, came in a few weeks, very happy!!!

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  50. T***v

    Natural stone. Very well processed. Beautiful.

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  51. 6***r

    It has arrived quite quickly in relation to other orders that puts delivery in 10 days and it has been almost a month.
    The stone is very beautiful and wine very well packed, not a scratch, thank you very much to the carrier.

    Color: lazurite Size: 30-35mm


  52. C***a

    Very good quality come with a stand

    Color: amethyst Size: 60-70mm


  53. E***d

    nice amethyst stone ball. very nice.

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  54. A***t

    excellent cristall ball. but ball holder unfortunately too small.

    Color: lazurite Size: 60-70mm


  55. m***r

    Arrived intact
    I love it ..

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  56. P***e

    Very nice

    Color: tigers eye Size: 40-50mm


  57. C***R

    Beautiful small but beautiful I think that I will redeer anyway it is very beautiful even small it is practical we hold it well in the hand it can be used at the same time for the manipulation of the fingers

    Color: white quartz Size: 25-30mm


  58. C***c

    One comes to Me with support the other no. Well packed

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  59. A***h

    Duge Garna Amethystov’s bag

    Color: amethyst Size: 70-80mm


  60. L***i

    Very beautiful little ball that has its place with my other stones.

    Color: lazurite Size: 30-35mm


  61. A***h

    Very beautiful and natural, it is not reheated amethyst, you can see some rainbow, the only one but it has many opaque parts, in general I am satisfied.

    Color: citrine Size: 30-35mm


  62. K***p

    Beautiful dark amethyst . Carefully dubbel wrapped. Together with a small stand, ready to put on the shelf. Quick delivery. I love it. Bought several pieces here already. It is my favorite store. Thank you so much for the good quality and care! Much appreciated.

    Color: amethyst Size: 25-30mm


  63. c***r

    Very nice but tiny and received well before the scheduled date thank you

    Color: amethyst Size: 25-30mm


  64. L***L

    Excellent beautiful ball, matches the size, in some places there is undergrinding, but tolerable.

    Color: citrine Size: 25-30mm


  65. C***R

    Beautiful still seems to me smaller than the other one I bought at the same time

    Color: citrine Size: 30-35mm


  66. R***o

    Such as the description

    Color: citrine Size: 40-50mm


  67. A***r

    My daughter was so happy when I gave her thus even though it’s small it’s lovely

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  68. I***v

    Very beautiful ball. No flaws. Thank you very much! I’ll definitely order something else.

    Color: amethyst Size: 60-70mm


  69. E***v

    Very pleased with the quality of this natural quartz ball. Fast shipping (2 weeks ahead of time) Will buy again from this seller!

    Color: white quartz Size: 70-80mm


  70. Г***н

    What I Wanted

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  71. K***o

    I hope to get a darker stone color next time. Otherwise, I am satisfied with the purchase.Thank you.

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  72. v***a

    I didn’t think that such a tiny one would come!

    Color: amethyst Size: 25-30mm


  73. V***n

    Nice, I thought it was bigger but good anyway

    Color: citrine Size: 25-30mm


  74. R***r

    Securely packed, came safe: no roughness, no chips, no glues. Beautiful color. I took my wife for a hand massage. Wife is happy, I’m glad. Thanks to the seller and manufacturer.

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  75. Shopper

    it is a pretty piece, however it is not the best quality. the color isn’t very vibrant and there was a small chip. nothing crazy though, I would buy again.

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  76. R***n

    exactly as advertised! very well packaged! amazing cust service!

    Color: white quartz Size: 25-30mm


  77. N***a

    Beautiful. Diameter of about 35mm.

    Color: blue sand Size: 25-30mm


  78. p***r

    Beautiful, received very quickly

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  79. Y***R

    Well packed, they arrived in good condition. A good decorative effect.

    Color: amethyst Size: 40-50mm


  80. m***y

    fast shipping great thank you

    Color: tigers eye Size: 25-30mm


  81. I***o

    Beautiful sphere!!
    I am really happy with the purchase, the seller is very communicative, honest and efficient!
    Everything I expected is what I recieved!
    Thanks a lot!!

    Color: amethyst Size: 70-80mm


  82. N***o

    Great everything ok

    Color: amethyst Size: 30-35mm


  83. A***z

    Small but beautiful.

    Color: calcite Size: 25-30mm


  84. R***r

    Good product with fast delivery. Minerals as seen in the video

    Color: white quartz Size: 40-50mm


  85. A***o

    I didn’t think they would be like that, it came soon.

    Color: lazurite Size: 40-50mm


  86. A***o

    Like the photo, very nice, very fast shipping.

    Color: citrine Size: 40-50mm


  87. j***a

    Thanks! I already receive this item, it looks nice and the delivery was so fast.

    Color: Strawberry crystal Size: 30-35mm


  88. G***s

    Received very quickly, the ball is superb!

    Color: tigers eye Size: 25-30mm