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2020 Winter Men Cashmere Casual Hoodie Men Hoodie / Street Sweatshirt JORDAN23 Sports Sweatshirt Women Hoodie

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  1. Giftinger Shopper

    Old regular customers, things or as always good, the real price of Japanese goods tail sheet, outstanding performance ratio

    Color: White Size: XL

  2. Giftinger Shopper

    The seller is really good, baby, just like the description

    Color: White Size: XL

  3. R***s

    He arrived early, and it’s exactly the same as the photo.

    Color: Black 1 Size: XL

  4. Giftinger Shopper

    Good product, thanks!

    Color: White Size: M

  5. Giftinger Shopper

    All ok!

    Color: White 2 Size: XXXL

  6. M***o

    Very pretty! Although size M is very fair for Spanish carving

    Color: White Size: M

  7. m***o

    I arrive very rapidy is very nice

    Color: Black 6 Size: S

  8. R***o

    Same as the picture, good weave

    Color: White Size: S

  9. i***e

    If you’re a girl and spend the median you have to order size L

    Color: Yellow 1 Size: L

  10. S***a

    Very nice and warm, just like in the photo

    Color: Yellow Size: S

  11. Giftinger Shopper

    Very good. Happy.

    Color: Black 1 Size: M

  12. I***r

    Water polo
    Small sizes

    Color: White Size: M

  13. Y***s

    Very fast shipping and good quality. Very happy with the purchase

    Color: Black 6 Size: XL

  14. S***o

    Very pretty perfect size

    Color: Black 6 Size: M

  15. U***n

    Color: White 1 Size: M

  16. J***a

    Okay, as seen in the image, maybe the letters a little small. Shipment was fast, arrived in two weeks. I recommend this seller.

    Color: Gray 2 Size: M

  17. l***o

    Very good

    Color: Black 6 Size: L

  18. A***o

    Color: White Size: L

  19. E***e

    I arrive just in the right time. Just like in the picture

    Color: White Size: M

  20. F***r


    Color: Black 6 Size: XXL

  21. J***n

    It’s nice, warm, soft, matching the size. But I think it’s a little bad fabric and it will be extripated soon, he wants to make pellets from day one and the drawings are printed stickers not embroidered.

    Color: Pink Size: M

  22. Giftinger Shopper

    Very good quality

    Color: White 1 Size: XL

  23. R***o

    Very nice, all good, only it’s flannel, but for the price it’s very good. I recommend it

    Color: Pink Size: XXL

  24. Giftinger Shopper

    Very good quality

    Color: Black 1 Size: S

  25. A***

    Good image printed right Size fits anchita but fine

    Color: Black 6 Size: XXL

  26. Giftinger Shopper

    Same as in the photo. It’s got hair on the inside.
    For winter it is ideal. Very happy.

    Color: Dark Gray 1 Size: S

  27. R***z

    Excellent quality, super warm. Ke loves

    Color: White Size: S

  28. Giftinger Shopper

    It’s gotten to me sooner than expected.

    Color: White Size: S

  29. g***a

    Poor quality but for the price. Nothing else was expected.

    Color: Red 2 Size: XXL

  30. M***k

    Color: Yellow Size: S

  31. C***i


    Color: Blue 2 Size: XL

  32. Giftinger Shopper

    Perfect and super fast

    Color: Khaki 1 Size: L

  33. m***o


    Color: White Size: XXL

  34. Giftinger Shopper

    Fast delivery, well packed.

    Color: Gray 2 Size: XXL

  35. Giftinger Shopper

    Good quality .perfectly

    Color: White Size: M

  36. H***e

    beau pull arrivé rapidement

    Color: Black 2 Size: XL

  37. M***

    A sweatshirt missed the back letters

    Color: Gray Size: L

  38. B***a

    It really size very small

    Color: Yellow 2 Size: XL

  39. E***r

    Very pretty, my daughter delighted, thank you very much

    Color: White Size: S

  40. s***h

    very happy good quality

    Color: Red 1 Size: S

  41. S***n

    Perfect very pretty

    Color: White Size: M

  42. Giftinger Shopper

    Good sweatshirt, chubby. I arrive fast to Spain

    Color: Black 6 Size: XL

  43. Giftinger Shopper

    Size a small beak the L is more like an M otherwise everything perfect

    Color: Orange 1 Size: L

  44. C***n

    Super fast shipping. The fabric is chubby and opens up a lot.

    Color: White 1 Size: XL

  45. N***a

    I liked good quality

    Color: Gray 2 Size: L

  46. Giftinger Shopper

    Very fast

    Color: Black 6 Size: XL

  47. J***m

    so beautiful I recommend this seller

    Color: White Size: XL

  48. a***a

    It’s fine and quite warm the color earth as in the photo to my daughter let charm is narrow in case someone wants to order one more size

    Color: Orange Size: M

  49. M***

    Good to garment good gender

    Color: Pink 2 Size: XXL

  50. Giftinger Shopper


    Color: Yellow Size: XL

  51. J***f

    Color: Gray Size: XL

  52. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: White Size: M

  53. A***A

    All right, the only thing about the print on his back isn’t wearing it I hope they put it as it is

    Color: Black 1 Size: S

  54. Giftinger Shopper

    Excelente trato transportista’s.

    Color: White Size: S

  55. R***n

    Fabric אכותי arrived fast very beautiful to very

    Color: White Size: S

  56. D***h


    Color: White 1 Size: M

  57. Giftinger Shopper

    Muy calentito

    Color: Yellow Size: L

  58. Giftinger Shopper


    Color: Yellow 2 Size: S

  59. k***e


    Color: Black 6 Size: S

  60. R***

    love IT

    Color: White 1 Size: M

  61. F***o

    It took a short time to get here, all ok

    Color: White Size: S

  62. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Black 1 Size: L

  63. M***o

    Superb size just small

    3xl equals l

    Color: Black 1 Size: XXXL

  64. Giftinger Shopper

    Daughter is super happy with sweater

    Color: Gray Size: S

  65. E***e

    Color: Gray Size: S

  66. E***r

    In very good condition and perfect as in the pictures

    Color: Black 2 Size: L

  67. Giftinger Shopper

    looking good

    Color: Black 6 Size: M

  68. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: White Size: M

  69. M***i

    Right size

    Color: White Size: XL

  70. E***o

    Color: Black 2 Size: L

  71. B***n

    Color: Khaki 1 Size: L

  72. g***r

    Its actually very good quality.

    Color: Pink Size: XXL

  73. H***i


    Color: White Size: XXL

  74. D***

    Color: White Size: XXL

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