Framar Dreamweaver Highlight Comb Set – Combs for Hair Stylist, Highlighting Comb, Hair Dye Comb, Hair Highlighter Comb with Metal Pick, Hair Color Comb


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Unique Feature – Three different sized hair combs quickly and easily separate hair into small sections for highlights. One simple move of the hair comb creates several even sections ready to be painted, a step that typically requires several minutes of weaving with a pintail.
High Quality – Durable PE matte finish along with a stainless steel pin tail ensures it’s long lasting. This Highlighting Comb is built to last.
3 Sizes – Includes 3 different sized combs suitable for any highlighting service, and each come in a matte black finish.
Static Free – These foiling combs for highlighting prevent frizz and flyway’s that can get in the way.
Lightweight and Comfortable – Highlight comb is easy on arms and shoulders. Easy to grip and maneuver through long hair during time intensive services.

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