Imitation Persian Rattan Green Plant Persian Wall Hangingg



1. The color is gorgeous, the shape is unique, the dignified and elegant, the storage time is long, and the four seasons are like spring;

2. The cost price is much lower than that of flowers, and the market has a large profit margin

3. There are many varieties, and there will be no shortage of goods due to seasonal changes;

4. Flower lovers who are allergic to pollen can enjoy it with confidence;

5. Giving works to friends is a rare personalized gift, filling yourself with the sense of accomplishment of works

Product information:

Product name: 5 fork Persian wall hanging

material: plastic

Specifications: 5 forks, a total of 81 Persian grass

Size: Total height 85cm, of which Persian grass is 13cm long.

Weight: single net weight 145g

Material: high quality plastic

Process: Semi-manual and semi-mechanical

Packing list:

1*plastic artificial flower

WI678 (1)
WI678 (2)
WI678 (3)
WI678z (1)

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