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INFLATION Winter Mens Hip Hop Multi-colour Hoodies Velvet Fabrics Fleece Sweatshirts 8 Solid Color Winter Men Sweatshirts 166W17

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Please contact us if you are not confirmed your size before you made order ,we will reply you as soon as possible when we saw your message , thanks so much

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Casual, hoodies men

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Polyester, Cotton, 51% Cotton+49% Polyester



Detachable Part



S, M, L, XL, XXL


10 colors

Style 1

Winter Mens Hip Hop Multi-colour Hoodies

Style 2

Velvet Fabrics Fleece Sweatshirts

Style 3

8 Solid Color Winter Men Sweatshirts


  1. N***a

    Excellent sweatshirt, super quality. Very warm.

    Color: grey blue Size: L

  2. N***a

    Long delivery. Ordered 22.01 came 10.03. The sweatshirt is very cool. I will order in other colors.

    Color: Black Size: S

  3. E***a


    Color: Grey Green Size: S

  4. P***k

    Cool sweatshirts

    Color: Grey Green Size: XXL

  5. R***S

    Quality sweatshirt. The color as in the picture is similar to mustard. On me straight heavily oversize parameters 80/62/92 in principle and wanted. If I do not forget later I attach the photo.

    Color: Yellow Size: S

  6. t***t

    The sweatshirt is super. Color of fire. Sew it neatly. Warm. Overseas sits on my 48 Russian. I’m happy. Seller recommend. I didn’t talk to the seller. After payment shipped very quickly.

    Color: purple Size: L

  7. S***a

    In real life, the color is more yellow, light light yellow, 46 bought M, everything came up, the sleeves for my height is 164 good, if the height above need to order the size more, send the goods very fast, quality is excellent, thick fleece, warm, basic sweatshirt

    Color: Apricot Size: M

  8. A***a

    Beautiful sweatshirt, took size m, ordered bright orange color, but this color was bought and the seller offered a replacement for brick, this color i liked even more. Very quality sweatshirt!

    Color: Orange Size: M

  9. K***a

    Color: Grey Green Size: S

  10. I***a

    Color: Grey Green Size: S

  11. E***a

    Growth of 181, OG 102, from 88, about 105. Sat down like the seller’s photo. Quality at height, dense, warm and very beautiful shades. Delivery by courier to door

    Color: Grey Green Size: XL

  12. A***

    Color: White Size: M

  13. v***v

    Color: Blue Size: S

  14. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Blue Size: L

  15. v***a

    Very good quality! Dimensions are correct. I will take more

    Color: White Size: XL

  16. E***a

    Everything is fine, came within than in Mo

    Color: Grey Green Size: S

  17. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Grey Green Size: S

  18. E***a

    Very cool sweatshirt, I will order more, delivery 6 days, quality is good, I recommend the seller

    Color: purple Size: L

  19. A***a

    Very beautiful color, suitable for blue eyes. Tight and warm sweatshirt, excellent quality. When there is a discount, I will take in other colors. By the way, the size mesh is correct, take it.

    Color: grey blue Size: L

  20. P***a

    Chic sweatshirt))

    Color: purple Size: L

  21. A***a

    Color: grey blue Size: S

  22. A***H

    Color: Blue Size: M

  23. i***i

    Color: Yellow Size: S

  24. E***a

    Excellent sweatshirt, on her Xs took S, there is a fairly comfortable oversize, but without bulkiness. Cool bright color.

    Color: purple Size: M

  25. R***v

    Good qulity. Recommend!

    Color: Grey Green Size: XXL

  26. Z***a

    Color: Apricot Size: XL

  27. L***a

    Color: Brick red Size: XL

  28. D***o

    Color: grey Size: L

  29. A***o

    Quality hoodies chic!

    Color: Brick red Size: M

  30. J***t

    Color: Black Size: S

  31. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Orange Size: S

  32. K***o

    Sweatshirt super, I recommend) the quality of me arranged, not synthetics golimai, which to touch vile

    Color: purple Size: L

  33. M***r

    The quality is super, in my 42 oversize. Dense, good fleece inside

    Color: Apricot Size: S

  34. A***e

    Material is good. Value for money.

    Color: Blue Size: XXL

  35. R***r

    A good, high-quality sweatshirt, on height 161 took the size M, sits like an oversize, the color is fine and well transmitted in the seller’s photo

    Color: Grey Green Size: M

  36. i***i


    Color: Orange Size: L

  37. E***y

    Beautiful color and good quality, fast delivery!

    Color: Brick red Size: M

  38. B***A

    Color: Apricot Size: XL

  39. V***a

    The sweatshirt is gorgeous, insanely warm and cozy. She goes oversized, but the rubber band at the bottom is in the shape, so be careful. Quality at the highest level, in Moscow the same will cost twice as much. The color is very nice, bright but not causing. In general, just super!

    Color: Brick red Size: XL

  40. N***a

    No words! These costumes are already with me and my husband in two colors. Fire! Quality at altitude and delivery speed too.

    Color: Yellow Size: XXL

  41. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: grey blue Size: XXL

  42. D***o

    Color: Apricot Size: S

  43. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: grey blue Size: L

  44. R***f

    Top quality

    Color: purple Size: M

  45. A***a

    At the growth of 161 OHS 90 is excellent, not very oversized. To the body is very pleasant, I will order other colors. Recommend

    Color: Blue Size: S

  46. M***a

    Unrealistic quality. For parameters 83-62-90 the height of 173 suited perfectly. Less-mankov would not be very comfortable, the sweatshirt itself is wide enough.

    Color: grey Size: M

  47. B***e

    Color: Grey Green Size: L

  48. Giftinger Shopper

    Excellent, the size 42-44

    Color: White Size: S

  49. R***a

    The color is not quite blue, but with a greenish shade, but in general, everything eliminates me, the quality is good, cloth is dense. The only thing that was supposed to deliver the courier to the house, but I had to go to the extradition point and take it myself.

    Color: grey blue Size: S

  50. X***S

    The jacket is cool, at 86/63/93 sat well, inside the fleece.
    The color is real on the photo, on which the sleeve is only.
    Washed on fast washing, everything is OK.
    Do not like only sleeves in the R-not shoulders. I hope they stop so soon.
    It’s been a month.

    Color: Yellow Size: S

  51. N***o

    A long story with this jacket. Back in November I ordered pants from this seller, the pants did not fit and I issued a refund, but I did not finish something. In the end, the pants sent and half a year rewrote, so that I was returned money. As a result, they sent a jacket, the size of M at 44-46 is excellent. Quality is good

    Color: Blue Size: M

  52. R***v


    Color: grey blue Size: XL

  53. Y***a

    Color: purple Size: M

  54. t***k

    Color: Brick red Size: M

  55. K***v

    The goods came of good quality. Purchase satisfied. Cuffs long looks chic in size. Height 169 weight 61

    Color: White Size: S

  56. E***a

    Super sweatshirt. On the parameters 88-58-97 took L. Looks great as an oversize, half covers the ass. Quality fire!! The smell is slightly present, but not disgusting

    Color: Grey Green Size: L

  57. E***k

    Not as bright as in the picture

    Color: purple Size: S

  58. E***k

    Color: White Size: S

  59. V***a

    Great sweatshirt. Warm, pleasant to the body. Color as in the photo.

    Color: Grey Green Size: XXL

  60. I***y

    Color: Black Size: S

  61. n***n

    Color: grey Size: S

  62. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: grey Size: L

  63. L***a

    Pleasant quality, very soft, warm sweatshirt. Dense fabric, keeps the shape well. Color as in the picture-slightly milky, exactly as wanted. The parcel is happy.

    Color: Apricot Size: M

  64. M***a

    Color: grey Size: M

  65. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Blue Size: S

  66. E***a

    I order already 3rd jacket. Everything is fine. There is no smell, the seams are even, very soft and pleasant to the body

    Color: Black Size: S

  67. E***a

    Color: Apricot Size: L

  68. b***f

    Color: Apricot Size: XL

  69. A***

    Very pleasant to the touch, I took the size L for an oversize, but in fact and M there would be norms. This is my second order from the seller-before that there was a suit-also Super

    Color: White Size: L

  70. K***a

    Quality as always on top! This seller took two more hoodies. Delivery is always fast. Recommend!

    Color: Grey Green Size: L

  71. E***k

    Excellent sweatshirt, warm!

    Color: grey blue Size: XXL

  72. O***a

    The color is slightly paler. Quality is good. On height 187, weight 80 kg came well, as I wanted. Freely. In the photo, the color did not work at all

    Color: Grey Green Size: XL

  73. P***a

    Jacket gun, I order not the first time

    Color: Grey Green Size: L

  74. Giftinger Shopper

    Perfect quality and size!

    Color: grey Size: M

  75. Giftinger Shopper

    The best quality!!!

    Color: Apricot Size: M

  76. N***n

    Good sweatshirt, for a girl height 173 size 46-48 sat well, but short sleeves, it would be more comfortable if they were a couple of cm longer

    Color: purple Size: S

  77. Giftinger Shopper

    The color is greenish rather than bluish

    Color: grey blue Size: M

  78. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: grey blue Size: L

  79. j***j

    Delivery Week

    Color: Blue Size: S

  80. Giftinger Shopper

    Excellent cozy sweatshirt, there is absolutely nothing to complain about: the color fully corresponds to the photos of the seller, the material is warm, soft and very pleasant to the body, the design is laconic-nothing superfluous. Many thanks to the seller!

    Color: grey blue Size: S

  81. Giftinger Shopper

    Качество хорошее, но если вам важен цвет то покупайте осторожно, иначе будет ожидание-реальность. Заказывала кирпичный, а в жизни он ближе к оранжевому, достаточно яркий, что меня лично разочаровало

    Color: Brick red Size: S

  82. N***v

    Color: Grey Green Size: XL

  83. Giftinger Shopper

    The quality is excellent, the size did not fit ((large

    Color: Blue Size: L

  84. T***a

    The color is not the same as in the photo of the seller, not so light. I thought he was going in beige, and he was more yellow-apricot.

    Color: Apricot Size: L

  85. Giftinger Shopper

    Кайф, качество очень приятное

    Color: Apricot Size: L

  86. E***k

    Отличная тёплая толстовка!

    Color: Orange Size: XXL

  87. S***h

    Color: grey blue Size: XL

  88. S***o

    Color: grey blue Size: M

  89. E***a

    все классно как всегда! спасибо. брала сыну на 52 Росс, xxl китайский

    Color: Blue Size: XXL

  90. Z***a

    Svitshot very good quality, but, unfortunately, the color does not correspond to the declared in the picture. In reality, it’s dirty yellow.

    Color: Apricot Size: S

  91. R***y

    3 weeks to St. Petersburg. On Rus 48-50, the height of 178 sat perfectly not hanging, but cozy freely.

    Color: Blue Size: L

  92. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Blue Size: XXL

  93. O***a

    Color: Brick red Size: XL

  94. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Grey Green Size: XL

  95. j***j

    Color: grey blue Size: L

  96. R***f

    Color: Black Size: XL

  97. R***r

    I ordered a sweatshirt for my son for size 176, M. Reading reviews took more. And for nothing. It is necessary to take your size if you prefer a classic style. Very large turned out to be, I refused to wear it. good that there is a free refund, the money the seller returned quickly, thank you.

    Color: Grey Green Size: L

  98. A***a

    Color: grey Size: S

  99. E***a

    It came in a week, the quality is at the level, I always order sweatshirts in this store!

    Color: Blue Size: M

  100. E***a

    It came in a week, the quality is at the level, I always order sweatshirts in this store

    Color: Orange Size: S

  101. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Blue Size: XL

  102. K***a

    I buy from this seller not the first time, very satisfied. This time I missed with the size, I will have to suture in the studio. In general, the seller and the goods are very

    Color: Yellow Size: XL

  103. E***v

    Color: Brick red Size: L

  104. A***r

    Хорошое качественные вещи.

    Color: Black Size: S

  105. S***a

    Color: grey blue Size: M

  106. E***a

    Толстовка замечательная ! Отлично подошла по размеру, чуть свободно (на российский 44-46 размер: ОГ-92см, ОТ-70, ОБ-97, рост – 158 см). Для моего роста рукава длинные. На рост 170 см будут как раз. Качество толстовки хорошее. Фото выложу чуть позже. Я очень довольна! Отличный продавец! Продавца и товар рекомендую!

    Color: purple Size: S

  107. A***L

    Color: Apricot Size: S

  108. v***v

    Color: Yellow Size: XL

  109. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: Khaki Size: M

  110. I***E

    Толстовка хорошая, соответствует фото. На 50 размер L как раз. Спасибо)

    Color: Mid gray Size: L

  111. E***h

    Color: Black Size: M

  112. A***a

    Качество огонь! после стирки толстовка не села)

    Color: Blue Size: L

  113. E***k

    Color: Yellow Size: XL

  114. M***m

    это просто любовь! качество, цвет!!! рекомендую этот магазин

    Color: purple Size: XXL

  115. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: grey blue Size: s

  116. D***y

    The color is not as saturated as in the photo, but the quality is good. On the growth of 180, the chest 102 perfectly sat down. Delivery fast about 2 weeks.

    Color: purple Size: XL

  117. P***a

    Color: Orange Size: S

  118. R***r

    Very good quality

    Color: Grey Green Size: S

  119. Giftinger Shopper

    Chic quality, better than all other sellers and mass-market stores. On parameters 85-70-100 the ideal oversize

    Color: Orange Size: M

  120. O***a

    Color: Apricot Size: S

  121. T***o

    We take the third sweatshirt. I really like the quality.

    Color: grey blue Size: XL

  122. E***i

    Its really high quality, soft and warm. I would recommend it 100%

    Color: Dark gray Size: M

  123. E***a

    Color: Brick red Size: s

  124. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: grey blue Size: M

  125. A***n


    Color: Dark gray Size: L

  126. O***a

    The color is awesome, the quality of the fire, delivered 10 days before Voronezh, I will order more

    Color: Blue Size: M

  127. M***a

    I love this store for the quality of goods and incredibly stylish design. I liked the sweatshirt. Warm, beautiful, quality. But only the size was great for me. I love the oversize, but the size of M made me too huge. I decided to give this sweatshirt to my brother 🙂

    Color: grey Size: M

  128. M***t

    As always super!!!

    Color: Apricot Size: M

  129. s***s

    It came fast enough. Quality is wonderful. It is warm and comfortable, the main thing is to correctly Glod with the size, and so everything is super. As in the picture)

    Color: Apricot Size: S

  130. S***a

    Color: Black Size: S

  131. E***

    Color: Brick red Size: S

  132. Giftinger Shopper

    Color: grey blue Size: S

  133. T***r

    Color: Aqua green Size: L

  134. E***k

    Just fine. Color and quality at altitude.

    Color: grey blue Size: M

  135. U***r

    Color: grey blue Size: L

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